Can You Keep A Secret Book Plot Summary?

Emma believes that she is in the clear when she leaves the plane, as she is confident that she will never see that stranger again. However, when he shows up at work, and turns out to be the company's founder, she is forced to come face-to-face with the man, her secrets, and the desire for her life to change.

How Does Can You Keep A Secret Movie End?

Emma tracks him down on a plane back to Chicago. She assures him she told the reporter nothing and expresses gratitude that he loved her when she was her true self. He then begins to reveal all of his secrets to her.

Is Can You Keep A Secret Appropriate?

Despite its almost Hallmark-y romcom setup, this movie lands solidly in R-rated territory (even though it's officially unrated) due to its harsh profanity and its frequently explicit sexual content (both visual and verbal).

What Happened In Can You Keep A Secret?

A young woman spills all of her secrets to a stranger on a plane when she thinks it's about to crash. She later meets the man and discovers he is her company's new CEO, and he knows all of her humiliating secrets.

What Happens At The End Of Can You Keep A Secret?

They kiss and Jack continues telling Emma all about himself. This ending captures the same feeling as the book, but it manages to bring the story full circle, both with Emma's speech and by setting their reconciliation on a plane, bringing it back to where they met.

What Is Jack’S Secret In Can You Keep A Secret?

“Can You Keep a Secret?” tries to leverage this boss-worker dynamic by giving Jack his own secret—he doesn't know want people to know that he was flying back from Chicago when she first met him—and Emma readily proclaims that she won't tell anyone.

Who Is Omar In Can You Keep A Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret? (2019) - Sam Asghari as Omar - IMDb.

Who Plays Artemis In Can You Keep A Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret? (2019) - Kate Easton as Artemis - IMDb.

Who Plays Mr Harper In Can You Keep A Secret?

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Who Plays The Roommate In Can You Keep A Secret?

But once the two start dating—with Emma getting encouragement from her roommate Lissy (Sunita Mani), and deflecting stuff from her far more cynical roommate Gemma (Kimiko Glenn)—we can tell that it's a mismatch.

Why Was Jack In Chicago In Can You Keep A Secret?

Jack reveals the reason for his trips to Chicago: he has been working to ensure that his goddaughter stays out of the spotlight after the death of her father so she can have a normal life. Gemma arrives just then with her reporter friend and Jack leaves in anger.